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Life Plan for Retirement


Life Plan: Make Your Retirement a Golden Dream:

I am outta here! Life plan? No kidding, it’s retirement. Thirty five years of working for “the man” and the feet are going up. The money is just about enough…the debts are nil…..I’ve done fairly well….. give me my parachute!


Getting to the magic age when we can say good bye to our 9-5 job and enjoy our freedom is a big golden dream that carries many folk through employment thick and thin. Lawyer, manager, caretaker or caregiver…the vision carries us on.

We look forward to this as we work our hours and pay our retirement and pension plans, like a desert hiker looks forward to a glass of water. Schemes and dreams as we build the means and endless panting blather to whoever will listen. The plan is solid…..we think, without realizing that we are just focusing on the financial part of retirement and forgetting what we really need is a life plan.

A Healthy Life at Retirement:
Why we need a life plan.

RetirementBismarck, the master planner of 65 as the key retirement age didn’t talk much about life planning as he assumed we would all be dead at 67. (He was right in the late 19th century). A lifetime of bad food, dangerous jobs and quixotic health care usually didn’t result in a long leisurely retirement.

The world then was a bad Dickens novel with brutish and short as key descriptors of life. This does not seem to be true now when people are still healthy when they retire and hang on for 2 decades or more before eternity.




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